Improving our sustainability results

11/5/2012 12:00 AM

The new “Nilfisk-Advance Sustainability Report 2011-2012 ” is now released outlining the company’s achievements within Corporate Responsibility. The report forms what is called “the Communication on Progress” to the United Nations Global Compact and contains data, initiatives and status on goals in relation to all sustainability activities and efforts.

The report outlines some of the achievements we have made within Corporate Responsibility and the four focus areas of the United Nations Global Compact: Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

Our promise to ourselves and to our customers
In Nilfisk-Advance, we have named our Corporate Responsibility Strategy “Green Meets Clean”. It is a promise to both us and our customers to dedicate ourselves to offering cleaning solutions that are efficient and that improve the sustainability of the industry. At the same time it is a promise to continuously work to improve our environmental footprint as a company.


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Our results – a few highlights
A number of results and achievements are mentioned in the report. Some highlights are:



    Quarterly collection of data from all major business units in the Nilfisk-Advance Group are used to calculate our total CO2 emission and we are proud to have more than achieved our 5% saving target in 2011-2012.



    Environmental impact of future products is a priority parameter in our development. 71% of new products launched by Nilfisk-Advance in 2011-2012 contain an environmental improvement within at least one of the four environmental focus areas: Energy consumption, Water consumption, use of detergents and disposal.



    To succeed with our strategy of becoming Customers’ Preferred Choice, we need to work towards common goals. We have implemented a set of core values that is shared in all our companies around the world and together with the Nilfisk-Advance Code of Ethics and Business Integrity Principles they guide our internal conduct.
A strong commitment
The United Nations Global Compact sets high standards for how Nilfisk-Advance is behaving as a global company. We are certain that committing to this agenda will help us develop our business in a new and positive direction and at the same time meet the growing demand from customers for more sustainable and more efficient products and offerings.

Our 4th “Communication on Progress” report shows that we have improved our performance in many areas and we consider the results achieved to be a significant stepping stone on our path to becoming an even more sustainable company.